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Unique Fundraiser Idea

Fun Unique Fundraiser – Products easily sell online or in-person

Unique school online fundraiser
We can help you raise money while you offer a unique fundraising product that provides your supporters with real value for their donation.

    • Green, Eco-Friendly Product – reduces plastic straws in landfills
    • Helps keep smiles white. Minimize teeth staining and sensitivity
    • Improves beverage flavors with 100% pure clean glass and no plastic contaminants


  • Sell online by distributing the website address with a custom code (such as your organization name). No inventory to distribute. Or sell in-person with or without advanced purchase.
  • Easy to sell and huge earnings potential


Artistic glass straws are excellent for:

  • School fundraisers
  • Sports, bands, cheerleading fundraisers
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Church fundraisers
  • Community and PTO/PTA fundraisers
  • Online fundraisers

How much money can you raise?

school fundraiser idea
We provide you a large profit margin and all support materials.


For example:

20 sellers selling 50 straws each generates $5000 profit for your organization.

Unique Fundraising Features:

Unique School Fundraiser

  • Sell products online or in-person.
  • Green eco-friendly reusable product.
  • Reduce plastic from peoples’ diets and landfills.
  • New and innovative product: Not the same old over-used fundraiser stuff.
  • The straws are easy to sell – they are something that your contacts will actually want!

To Get Started

Easy Fundraiser

  • Contact us.
  • We setup your campaign and provide printed catalogs for your sellers.
  • We fulfill the orders and provide campaign progress reports.
  • We send you a check with your earnings.


Our fundraising programs are specifically designed for non-profits, qualifying organizations and individuals. We reserve the right to review and approve all fundraising campaign requests.

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