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Smoothie & Shake Straws




Smoothie and Shake Glass Straws

Smoothie glass straws in a watermelon drink
These glass drinking straws have a larger diameter and are good for thick drinks such as smoothies and shakes.  Each is 9″ long for tall glasses and has a distinctive design such as a colored end or dots.  

These glass straws are all made of Borosilicate (Pyrex) Glass with a durable 2mm wall thickness. Each straw is hand-made and created for beauty, elegance and fun. They are great for hot or cold drinks; and are microwave and dishwasher safe.


The Smoothie/Shake glass straw designs are:

  • Clear with green end
  • Clear with red end
  • Clear with yellow end

Each of these glass straws is 9″ long, bent, and 12mm diameter making them perfect for thick smoothies and shakes in a tall glass. They also work well with thinner drinks in tall glasses and soda beverage cans.